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USAGE: To import a series of Whitecard transactions for a terminal. This option is only available if you have the Fuel option enabled and your company uses Whitecards.


DISCUSSION: This option requires the file to be in a special format (see below) and the file must exist in data directory with a name whitecard_trans.csv. The file is extracted manually from the OPT system.


When you choose this option, HiFinance will check that the file exists and is not empty. Then it will scan the file to make sure that all entries are valid. When this phase is complete, and file has passed validation, you will be asked:




To continue, press Y.


The program will then process the file. No further user input is required. When complete, the program will return you to the MAIN MENU.


Note: The header record on this file must look exactly as follows:




Each line must be in the same order as the header. Typically lines will look as follows:








The Date field is free format but must be in the order day/month/year. There is no trailer record required. Do not include blank lines.


Each CardNumber must exist on a translation table which is set up in WHITECARD TRANSLATION TABLE (see SECTION


For most installations, the procedure just imports the data and the customer only gets an EOM Statement. The statement will detail the purchase so that the customer has a record of the transaction. The Statement thus doubles up as an invoice. For some installations, the program is set to print Invoices on import. Statements still work the same way. Invoices can be set to Email or Fax, etc, as required. If a specific customer does not wish to receive the initial Invoice, their account can be set to N, in the question, INVOICE TYPE (see SECTION 1)


The procedure for creating the file at United is as follows:


Log into to www.compaconline.com


Enter the Username and Password. (These are not included in this public manual.)


Click reports – transactions (page will change)

Change format to csv

Make sure the dates are correct

In “Select a previously saved list of columns” choose Maclagan (or Ord River)

Click Generate

Change FALSE to TRUE

Save file as csv called “whitecard_trans” in \\wave-up-hifi2\horizon\hf5data\udist

Then go into HiFinance

F1-3-8-5 “import white card transactions”

If it says error, white card not found, ask IT for what the customer code is.

To assign whitecard:

<F7>2 (tables) – 1 (debtors) – 5 (whitecard translation table) – 2 (Add)

Put in whitecard number & save correct customer to it.

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