HiFinance 5




This menu only appears if you have the option enabled. WhiteCard refers to a version of OPT. Cards are normally in the range of 1 to 500 and the file that is imported is very stylized. Here you can setup a table of codes and which debtor they translate to. If the card is not on the list, the import will fail. (See SECTION 1.3.8I.5 - IMPORT WHITECARD TRANSACTIONS)


The WHITECARD TRANSLATION MENU is accessed as item 5 from the DEBTOR TABLE MAINTENANCE MENU. On selecting this function, the following will be displayed:



To return to the DEBTOR TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the PRODUCTION BATCH MASTER-file.


Name                  Comments


WHITECARD CODE This field is the card number, as embossed on the card. This is the code that the OPT download sends to HiFinance.


DEBTOR CODE This is code of the customer as is known in HiFinance. The code must exist.


COMPANION CODE This is a quick link to the Debtor, if you only know the old Companion code. You may enter this code if you do not know the DEBTOR CODE. Otherwise, leave it blank.

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