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This menu leads to utility programs that allow you to setup Freight pricing for the Fuels option. Here you setup and maintain the price you will be charging or on-charging fuel deliveries from a specific Carrier to a specific Customer (Debtor). Freight pricing does not change often, typically, once a year. Because of this, there is no date attached to the freight records.


The FUEL FREIGHT PRICING MENU is accessed as item 3 on the FUEL PRICING MENU. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the FUEL PRICING MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the BuY-PRICE MASTER file.


Name                  Comments


DEBTOR CODE This is the Customer’s code. It must be a Debtor that already exists. Every price record requires a Debtor.


CARRIER CODE  This is the Carrier’s code. It must be a Carrier that already exists. Every price record requires a Carrier.


TRUCK TYPE This is the Truck Type code. It must be a Truck Type that already exists. Every price record requires a Truck. The Truck must be attached to the Carrier, above.


HOURLY RATE This is an optional field that represents the price charged by the Carrier on an hourly basis. Some Carriers charge this way. If this field is entered, the delivery record will compute the effective rate and display it on the transaction. However, the per-litre rate is the one actually used to charge the Customer.


MULTI-DROP If a Carrier charges a fee for delivering split loads, enter the charge here.


MANUAL-FILL Some Carriers charge a fee for a metered fill. If this is the case, enter the rate here. This is a simple dollar amount. The delivery program will allow you to enter the number of instances pertaining to a particular delivery.


FUEL TYPE      HiFinance will automatically populate these fields (up to 20). Only Inventory codes that have been tagged as being a fuel type will be show (see SECTION The table is always alphabetic.


DESCRIPTION This field cannot be changed. It is automatically picked up by from the Inventory master-file.


PER-LT             This is the price you will be charged for each Fuel Type, from this Carrier, by this Truck, on a litre basis. It does not include GST.


PICKUP             Some Carriers charge for waiting time. This is especially true for blended fuels, eg those that contain Ethanol. Enter the charge here. This will be added on a apportioned if the truck picks up the tagged fuel. The price entered does not include GST.


2MIN                  Under certain circumstances, Carriers charge for a full compartment even if it is not full. If this is the case, enter Y here. HiFinance will calculate the freight based on a full compartment, irrespective of how much fuel is placed in it.

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