HiFinance 5




This function is only relevant if you are using Fuels option. This menu leads to special programs used to setup and manipulate a table of Fuels. A Fuel must already exist as a Inventory item.


The FUELS TABLE MENU is accessed as item 4 from the INVENTORY TABLES MENU. On selecting this function, the following will be displayed:



To return to the INVENTORY TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the FUELS file.


Name                  Comments


FUEL CODE  This is the Inventory code (of the Fuel) as it appears in HiFinance.


COMPONENT      This is an optional list of up to 3 components that make up this fuel. Each of these must also be an Inventory code, but does not have to be a Fuel. For each Fuel, you must enter a percentage representing the normal fraction this fuel represents. The total percentage must come 100%. If this Fuel is not a blended product, you should leave the component fields completely blank. Note that it is possible for a Fuel to be 100% another Fuel, eg Off-Road Diesel is actually 100% normal Diesel. The Truck would be loaded with Diesel but the sale would be for Off-Road Diesel. The Deliveries program will do the translation.

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