Total Legal Accounting 3




USAGE: To enquire on the Creditor balances and static information such as the name, balances and notes. To enquire on the transactions pertaining to a Creditor. In both cases, information can be displayed on the screen or printed. Information cannot be changed by this option.


DISCUSSION: When you start the enquiry program, the computer will initially ask for a Creditor code. Enter the code and press <Enter>.


To search for an account, press <F9>. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2 along with a description of


Having entered a valid code, the computer will display the current information pertaining to that Creditor. The information is on several pages. The first page appears as follows:



You will have several options available via the function keys:


<F1> or <CsrLeft>          This will cause T.L.A. attempt to read the previous record. If there is one, it will be displayed.


<F2> or <CsrRight>      This will cause T.L.A. attempt to read the next record. If there is one, it will be displayed.


<F3>       will print the information currently on the screen. Before printing the computer will ask, START REPORT? To start the report, answer Y. If you do not wish to print, answer N. More information is printed on this report than appears on the screen.


<F4>                  This overlays a window that displays the note attached to this Creditor. If there is no note, the function key is not active.


<F5>       will allow you to display transactions for this account. The screen will highlight the current balance. See SECTION 1.2 for a full description of this function.


<F10>                This will option will send the information on the screen to a special program that formats it into a vertical bar graph. The graph shows all periods, separating the years with colours. In the standard colour scheme, last-year is in yellow, this-year is in red and next year (if not zero) is in green. In either case, the legend is displayed near the top-right-hand corner of the screen. The vertical axis is self-scaling.


<ESC>      will return to Creditor code entry routine. From there, another <ESC> will exit the program and return you to the CREDITOR enquiry MENU.

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