HiFinance 5




USAGE: To enter the time sheets. These are in the form of an employee with a list of what was worked on for a day or a number of days. Other formats are available in other options. Note that the employee must first exist. Employees are added to the system via EMPLOYEE ADD routine, see SECTION 7.2.6.


DISCUSSION: When you start the TIME SHEET program, the computer will initially ask for an Employee code. Insert the code and press <Enter>.


To return to the TIME COST DATA ENTRY MENU, press <ESC>.


To search for an Employee, press <F9>. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having chosen an Employee, the screen will display as follows:



Enter the total time spent on all Jobs by the employee for the total timesheet. Note that the total of the timesheet lines must add up to this time. All times are entered as hours and fractions of hours, eg 2 1/2 hours would be entered as 2.50 hours.


Next you are asked for a reference number. This is normally the running number on the timesheet pad. It is sometimes a useful number when you need to check an entry.


The screen now looks like this:



The following is a description of the fields displayed:


Name                  Comments


DATE       This field is the date the work was done. Often there is only one date for the whole timesheet but this is not a requirement. You can have HiFinance enter today’s date by pressing <F1>.


JOB CODE   This is the code of the Job worked on. You cannot post to a Job if it has Sub-Jobs attached. You can only post to the lowest level Job. Eg you cannot post to job 123 or 123/ABC exists. In this case, you must post to 123/ABC. You may use <F9> to search for a Job.


SOURCE     This is the code of the Source worked on. You may use <F9> to search for a Source code. The Source you choose must be attached to the Job.


DETAILS    You must enter a description here. You may enter 2 lines of information here, detailing the nature of the job done.


HOURS      Here you enter the time spent, in hours and fractions of hours. You can enter up to 999 lines of timesheet but the total hours must equal the TOTAL HOURS exactly before HiFinance lets you update. Also, you may not enter a value that exceeds the TOTAL HOURS.


CHARGE RATE This field is picked up from the Employee master-file record. You can override the value if, for instance, the employee was working at double time. HiFinance will multiply the rate by the hours and apply the product to transaction.


At each point, you may cancel the transaction by pressing <ESC>. However, it is possible to return to a specific field by using <CsrUp>. You can also finish the screen by pressing <F10>.


When you have finished entering the required information, HiFinance will vet the information. If no missing information is detected, you will be asked to confirm the update and the computer will update the relevant files. When this has completed, you will be returned to the Employee code entry screen where you may either enter another transaction or press <ESC> to return to the JOB COST DATA ENTRY MENU.


Files updated by the Time Sheet program:


Job master-file   The WIP balance is updated with the value of each line.


Job transaction file                Each update generated a transaction. This can be viewed in JOB ENQUIRIES and is used to create reports, such as JOB TRANSACTIONS.


General Ledger master file  The value or each line is posted to the WIP account.


General Ledger transaction file       Each update generated a transaction. This can be viewed in GENERAL LEDGER ENQUIRIES and is used to create reports, such as GENERAL LEDGER TRANSACTIONS.

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