HiFinance 5




USAGE: To post the Volume Discount applicable to the Debtors. This option is only available if you have the Fuel Cards option enabled.


DISCUSSION: This program scans the Debtor for the chosen month and adds up the litres sold. It then multiplies this by the value in the field VOLUME DISCOUNT (see SECTION 1). If this value is positive, a credit adjustment is created and allocated to the oldest un-allocated debit.


When you choose this option, you will be asked:




This date will default to the last day of last-month. You can change this date, but it is not recommended. HiFinance remembers when the last time this program was run and if you are re-applying, you will need to enter the SUPERVISOR code to proceed.


To continue, press YES.


The program will then process the Debtor master-file. No further user input is required. This program computes both the monthly Volume discount and the Non-contract Promo discounts. Provision is also made for customers who attend Wholesale sites who also offer the discount. In this case, if the site is flagged to accept some of the discount, this is automatically computed here, too.


When complete, the program will return you to the MAIN MENU.

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