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STANDING JOURNALS are used to construct templates for entering NORMAL JOURNALS (see SECTION You may enter any number of STANDING JOURNALS as long as each has a different name. Each STANDING JOURNAL may have up to 999 and does not necessarily have to add up to zero. The zero checks are made when the JOURNAL is created from the STANDING JOURNAL. The file created from this menu does not actually update the General Ledger. The update is actually made when the NORMAL JOURNAL is created.


The GENERAL LEDGER STANDING JOURNALS MENU is accessed as item 3 from the GENERAL LEDGER JOURNALS MENU. On selecting this menu the following menu will be displayed:



To return to the GENERAL LEDGER JOURNALS MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the STANDING JOURNALS MASTER file.


Name                  Comments


GENERAL LEDGER CODE This must refer to an existing General Ledger account.


DETAILS           This is a description of the journal. This description will be used when generating the journal. It may be up to 50 characters long. It is a compulsory field.


VALUE                This is the value of the journal. The value must not be. Note that this value may be overridden when the actual Journal is created.


It should be remembered that it is not compulsory to make the STANDING JOURNAL add up to zero. This is deliberately allowed so that a partial template can be entered. However, HiFinance will warn you it you try to save an unbalanced STANDING JOURNAL. (Even though you may create an unbalanced template, you cannot finally update real Journal unless its balance is restored, by either entering more lines, or modifying the value of one or more lines.


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