HiFinance 4




USAGE: This option is only available for certain installations. It is used for setting up the zonal freight charges. This is then used in Debtor Invoicing to automatically assign a freight charge based on the Freight Zone assigned to the Debtor and the value of the Sales Order.


DISCUSSION: When the program starts, the following screen is displayed.



There are 3 columns of fields. Each row represents a Freight Zone (as assigned to each Debtor). This normally represents a distance from major freight depots. The values A to F are assigned via DEBTOR MAINTENANCE (see SECTION 1.). The column labelled ORDER VALUE allows you to enter the break points for the total value of the Sales-Order (less freight and tax). The column labelled FREIGHT VALUE will be applied to the order automatically. Note that ZONE G is always zero freight.


When you have finished entering the fields, press <F10> and answer Y for the update. The file will then be rewritten. The changes will not take effect for anyone already in the SALES ORDER program. They will have to exit to the menu and re-enter the program.


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