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USAGE: To change the default system date, for the current session, for the current user.


DISCUSSION: This function is used to enter, or change, the default system date. This date appears at the top of all reports and is the initial date used by transaction programs, such as billing. This does not affect the audit date. Every transaction that writes to the AUDIT REPORT is tagged with the computerís actual date and time, which can only be changed by using the operating systemís TIME and DATE functions.


This routine is automatically initialised after the password has been entered unless you suppress the option in SYSTEM DEFAULTS. In either case, the procedure and results are the same.


The date entered here relates to the current user. If you are using a multi-terminal system, each user can set their respective default date.


The screen will ask you:


ENTER SYSTEM DATE [99/99/9999]


Enter the new date and press <Enter> or <F10>. You may also press <F1> to return the date to the computerís internal date. In this case, you still have to press <F10> to save the change.


The date you enter must not be greater than the system (computerís) date. If you enter a date outside the current period, the date displayed at the top of your screen will be highlighted or will blink.

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