HiFinance 5




USAGE: To enquire on the Ledger card balances and static information such as the name, balances and notes. To enquire on the transactions pertaining to a particular Ledger. In both cases, information can be displayed on the screen or printed. Information cannot be changed by this option.


DISCUSSION: When you start the enquiry program, the computer will initially ask for a General Ledger account code. Enter the code and press <Enter>.


To search for an account, press <F9>. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having entered a valid code, the computer will display the current information pertaining to that account. You will have several options available via the function keys:


<F1> or <CsrLeft>          This will cause HiFinance attempt to read the previous record. If there is one, it will be displayed.


<F2> or <CsrRight>      This will cause HiFinance attempt to read the next record. If there is one, it will be displayed.


<F3>       will print the information currently on the screen. Before printing the computer will ask, START REPORT? To start the report, answer Y. If you do not wish to print, answer N.


<F4>       This will allow you to view the whole Note associated with this account. If you have permissions, you can also modify the note here.


<F5>       will allow you to display transactions for this account. The screen will highlight the current balance. Use the cursor keys to move to another balance if you wish to display transaction from another period. Then press <Enter> or <F10>. The enquiry screen will then attempt to display transactions starting from the beginning of your chosen period. You can then use the cursor keys and <F9> to display different portions of the transaction file. Also, you may press <F3> to print a range of transactions, <F7> if you wish to move the highlighted transaction to another account or <F8> to initiate a search for other transactions with the same audit number. (See SECTION 6.5.5.) To return to the enquiry screen, press <ESC>.


<F6>       Initially, HiFinance will display the period balances with totals at the bottom of each column. If you wish to view accumulated totals instead, press <F6>. To return to the balances view, press <F6> again. The view you choose will stay in effect until you leave the program.


<F7> or <PageDn>    Initially HiFinance displays the balances for this account. To display the other information, eg Expected Sign, press <F7> or <PageDn>. To return to the first page press <F6> or <PageUp> or <ESC>.


<F8>       This will allow you to view the History Note associated with this account.


<ESC>      will return to General Ledger account code entry routine. From there, another <ESC> will exit the program and return you to the GENERAL LEDGER enquiry MENU.

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