HiFinance 5




USAGE: This function will only appear if the option is enabled at you site. The purpose is to attach a date to a payment, representing the actual date the cheque was sent. This is useful for companies who print cheques and then delay them being sent. The date sent is visible within DEBTOR ENQUIRIES.


DISCUSSION: This function is setup for speed of entry. Generally, there is a batch of cheques to be sent out on the same day.


Initially the compute will ask you enter the date:


DATE [00/00/0000]


Enter the date the cheques were or are to be sent out. Usually, the date is today, so pressing <F1> will insert today’s date, automatically.


You may next enter one or more cheque numbers. If you have a barcode scanner and your cheques have been bar-coded, you may use the scanner, rather than the keyboard. This is faster. HiFinance will reject any number that does not match a payment and also will reject any payment that has already been dated.


When you have finished, you may press <ESC> to exit to the menu programs.


Please note that it is not possible to change the date, once you have started entering cheque numbers. If you wish to enter several groups of cheques, from different dates, you will need to <ESC> to the menu and re-enter the program to put in a second batch.

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