HiFinance 5




USAGE: To print a Bank Deposit Slip.


DISCUSSION: If you choose to print Deposit Slips, HiFinance will make an entry in the Bank Deposit slip file for every Receipt entered either through Debtors or General Ledger. This program formats and prints the details of this file.


If you have enabled multi-banks, you will be asked to enter the bank account number of the bank you wish to print. The screen will appear as follows:



Enter the last 4 digits of the bank account you wish to print, if you wish to print just one account, or enter zero to have HiFinance print a deposit slip for each bank that has any transactions. (You may wish to search the bank account files by pressing <F9>.)


In either case the Deposit Slip program will be ask, PRINT REPORT. To proceed, answer Y.


HiFinance will read through the Bank Deposit Slip file adding up any Cash transactions. If there are any, you will be presented with the following screen:



This screen allows you to specify the breakdown of your cash deposit. The sum of NOTES and COINS must equal the TOTAL CASH. The program will not proceed until this happens.


If you have enabled multi-banks and you have chosen to print all bank accounts, the allocation screen will be redisplayed for each bank account that has any cash deposits. You will need to allocate notes and coins for each account.


The report itself will detail the transaction lines and total the transaction types. The report prints twice. The first part is call the BANK DEPOSIT SLIP and is given to the bank with your cheques, cash, etc. The second part, called the BANK DEPOSIT COPY should be stamped and filed as a true copy of the deposit. The layout of the report is determined by your specifications in BANK TRANSACTION TYPES, see SECTION 7.2.5.


After the report has printed, you are given the option to clear the Deposit Slip file. This is identical to the CLEAR DEPOSIT SLIPS option, see SECTION If you have enabled the multi-bank option, the clear function will not appear unless you have chosen to print all banks.

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