HiFinance 4




USAGE: To setup, or change the bank deposit slip details, as they will appear on the BANK DEPOSIT SLIP (See SECTION


Note that if you have chosen to run multi-banks (see SECTION 6.1.2) the current function is replaced by a similar one in General Ledger maintenance (see SECTION 6.1).


DISCUSSION: When you print a deposit slip, the report prints the details of your bank account on the report to make your banking easy. This program allows you to enter these details. If you leave the fields blank, the deposit slip will still function, but you will have to write the details in manually.


The following is a list of the fields available:


BANK ACCOUNT NAME      This field contains the name of your cheque account, which might be different to your company name. The field is up to 50 characters long.


BANK NAME      This is the name of your bank, eg ANZ, BOM, etc. The field is 3 characters long.


BRANCH             This is the name of your branch. The field is 15 characters long. You may alternatively enter the BSB number here.


ACCOUNT NUMBER Here you enter your account number. It can be up to 10 characters long.


TRANSACTIONS PENDING          This field is updated by HiFinance itself. When the BANK DEPOSIT SLIP is cleared, the field is set to N. When a deposit is made, the field is updated to Y. This is a quick reference to see if a DEPOSIT SLIP is printable.

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