HiFinance 4




USAGE: To manipulate reports that were previously saved to disk.




Every time you create a report, you have the option to display it to your screen, print it to your printer or save it to disk. When you save a report to disk you are required to give it a name. The file will be saved in compressed indexed format, i.e. it will be saved as a data and index file and it will not be directly readable. To reprint or redisplay the report you will need to enter the PRINT MANAGER function.



The print manage will initiate a scrolling screen, similar to the search screens using in other functions. Each line will display the name of the report and the first 60 characters of the first 2 lines of the report. Normally reports start with your practice’s name and then the report name, so displaying the first 2 lines should give you a good idea of what the report involves.


To choose a report, press <F10> or <Enter>. This will then lead to a further set of choices similar to the ones you had when you saved the report. As with the basic report function, you can choose to display the report to the screen or print it to your printer. Note that if you have changed printers since the report was saved, HiFinance will automatically adjust the printer parameters to suit.


The extra function available is <F2> for DELETE. If you choose this, you will permanently delete the report from your disk drive.


To leave this function, press <ESC>.

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