USAGE: To update one or more Sales Orders that have previously been entered and not updated. Some companies use this to enter and modify orders throughout the month and then convert the orders to invoices in bulk. This function can also optionally print the invoices generated at the same time the conversion takes place.


DISCUSSION: This function only allows complete conversion of orders to invoices. Any unfilled lines will be converted. If you wish to partially convert an order, use the DEBTOR INVOICE program.


When you start the BATCH UPDATE program will display a list of all uncompleted orders as follows:



You may choose which orders you wish to convert by tagging them individually or by using the function keys. Movement of the highlight bar is similar to the enquiry screens, see SECTION 1.1 for further details:


<F1>                  This will toggle the status of the highlighted line between Y and N. You may also directly enter a Y or N on any line by moving the highlight bar down to that line and entering a Y, y or + for Y, or N, n or - for N. A Y implies that the relevant order will be updated. A N implies that it will be skipped for now.


<F3>                  This print a list of orders as they appear on the screen.


<F5>       This will tag all orders for updating (ie put a Y on each line). If you wish to tag most lines, it is more efficient to press <F5> and then change the others to N, manually.


<F6>                  This will un-tag all order lines (ie put a Y on each line).


<F9>       If you have a large number of orders in the print file and wish to move to a specific point in the list, use this function. Note that the screen displays the orders in transaction audit number order.


<F10>                To initiate the printing process, press <F10>. You must have chosen at least one order to update before you can exit this way. HiFinance will then print the invoices in the manner you have chosen utilities. as each invoice is printed, it is removed from the batch print file. If you need to reprint an order after this, you will have to use the DEBTOR ENQUIRY function.


<ESC>            This allows you to abort the function without updating any orders.

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