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Please note that in NSW, Securities and Investments are referred to as Controlled Monies. This is the way it appears on screens and menus when the NSW option is implemented. However, for simplicity, the manual will always refer to this sub-system as Securities and Investments.


The Security and Investment register has been designed to maintain the balances and transactions associated with Investments made on behalf of your clients. Because the monies invested do not actually reside within any Trust account, they are handled as a separate file. Monies are transferred from the Client/Trust sub-system at time that the Trust Cheque is raised (to open or increase the Investment Account). Monies return to the Client/Trust sub-system via Trust Receipts (to reduce or close an Investment). Transaction entries within the Securities sub-system are entered to reflect any charges or interest, etc. associated with the account.


When Register transactions occur the relevant data is entered and posted to the card. Transactions are automatically created.


The SUCURITIES & INVESTMENTS MENU is accessed as item 3 or <F3> from the MAIN MENU. On selecting this menu the following menu will be displayed:



To return to the MAIN MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the SECURITIES MASTER file.


Name††††††††††††††††† Comments


REGISTER CODE This is the Registerís code. This is the code by which the Register will be referenced throughout T.L.A. It is an alphanumeric string from 1 to 6 characters long, without any leading or imbedded spaces. Please refer to APPENDIX A for a discussion of the ASCII collating sequence.


TRUST FILE†† This is the code of the Trust file to which this Securities file is attached. There may be many Securities files attached to the same Trust file. You should not change this field unless the Account is zero.


DESCRIPTION Thus is usually the name of the Bank account. It may be any 50 character descriptive string that allows you to easily identify the file on reports.


CERTIFICATE DETAILS This contains the Certificate numbers.


BANK ACCOUNT††††† This contains the Bank account number.


CLOSING DETAILS†††††††††† This contains details of the closing of the account. This field may only be entered if the balance is zero. Also when there is an entry in this field, no new transactions are possible.


AMOUNT INVESTED†††††††††† This is the original amount invested. It is documentary.


INITIAL INTEREST RATE†† This is the Initial Interest Rate available on the account. It has nothing to do with the current rate and is purly documentary, and a requirement on certain reports. Enter a rate here from 0.01% to 99.99%.


BALANCE††† This is the current balance of the account. It is updated by T.L.A. each time a transaction is processed. You cannot manually change this balance without entering a transaction.


OTHER KEY††††† This allows you to insert the Security Register into a user-definable group. Many Security reports may be sorted and totalled by this field. The field will allow any code to be entered. The name of this field may be changed in SYSTEM DEFAULTS (see SECTION 7.2).


MODIFIED/MODIFIED ON/AT/BY†† This displays the time and date the record was initially created and the last time this record was modified (eg description). It is stamped with the date, time and the usercode of person who did the modification.


NOTE††††††††††††††††† This is a field that allows you to attach a comment to the account. For instance, you might use this to store details of a dispute.

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