Total Legal Accounting 3




USAGE: Modify the details of an existing Bill-Book record. This option is only used for changing the Client assigned to this Bill-Book number.


DISCUSSION: When you start the modify program, the computer will initially ask for a Client code. Insert the code and press <Enter>. If you do not remember the Client’s code, press <F9> to initiate a search.


Next you are required to insert a Bill-Book number. This number must be associated with the chosen Client. There is no search facility. You must know the number.


Next you will be asked for the new Client code. This must not be the same as the old code and must not be a closed file. Otherwise there are no restrictions.


Finally you are asked to confirm your entry and T.L.A. will update the file.


You will then be returned to the Client code entry where you can either enter another Client/Bill-Book pair or press <ESC> to return BILL-BOOK MENU, press.

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