Total Legal Accounting 3




USAGE: To obtain the next available Bill-Number and attach it to a Client’s file, so that a File-Bill can be generated later.


DISCUSSION: When you start this function, the computer will initially ask for a Client code. Insert a code and press <Enter>. If you do not remember the Client’s code, press <F9> to initiate a search.


Once you have a Client chosen, T.L.A. will display the basic details pertaining to that file and will ask the question:




Here you must enter Y to proceed. T.L.A. will then display the number assigned and then force you to answer YES to the final question: HAVE YOU WRITTEN THIS NUMBER DOWN?


You should write this number in the Client’s file because this number is required when a File-Bill is generated. The number is specific to that Client.


You will then be returned to the Client code entry routine where you can either obtain another number or press <ESC> to return to the BILL-BOOK MENU.

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