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This menu leads to programs that allow you to setup and manipulate the Bill-Book files. With this option enabled, T.L.A. will force bill-numbers to be assigned to a file before a File-Bill can be created.


Anyone allowed to access the Bill-Book system can “Obtain a Bill Number”. This number is sequentially generated by T.L.A. The number is assign to a Client. When a File-Bill is generated, this Bill-Number must be quoted. T.L.A. maintains a list of Bill-Numbers that have been “Obtained” but not yet “Billed”. This is a good method for the control of Billing. The report can highlight unfinished work and saves forgotten files from not being billed.


The BILL-BOOK MENU is accessed as item 6 on the CLIENT/TRUST MENU. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the CLIENT/TRUST MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the BILL-BOOK file.


Name                  Comments


FILE       This is the Client’s file number. Every Bill-Number must be assigned to a Client File.


BILL-NUMBER This field is assigned by T.L.A.


REQUESTED BY  This is the USER CODE of the user who initially Obtained the Bill-Number.


ON/AT      This is the Time and Date the Bill-Number was initially Obtained.


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