Total Legal Accounting 3




USAGE: To import billing information from a photocopier.


DISCUSSION: This option specifically requires a photocopier with software that can import an ASCII file of current Clients and export an ASCII file of usages. T.L.A. will export the first file. It is used by the photocopier software to limit photocopies to live Client files, only. As photocopies are made, during the day, the photocopier stores the totals, by Client, and then exports this file in a format acceptable to T.L.A. T.L.A. will then upload this file and create disbursements for the value of the photocopies made for each Client.


When you start the program, you will be asked:




If you answer Y here, T.L.A. will scan the Client/Trust file for open files and export a list to disk. To skip this function, answer N. You would only answer N if you have already run this program today.


Next you will be asked:




If you answer Y here, T.L.A. will read the photocopier’s export file and use it to update the relevant Clients. For each line, T.L.A. will create a Disbursement record and update the Client’s Disbursement balance, as if the Disbursement had been entered manually.


When the program has finished, you will be returned to the CLIENT/TRUST UTILITES MENU.


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