Total Legal Accounting 3




This menu leads to programs that allow you to setup and manipulate TFN information. The TFN master-file contains information not required for normal Client/Trust functionality. The fields are only required for government reporting. You can setup as many TFN’s as you require and then attach Client files to these. Each Client can have up to 10 TFN’s attached. A TFN can appear on any number of Client files. This saves duplication, as any change to a TFN will reflect on reports no matter whether they originate from Mortgages or Securities.


The TAX FILE NUMBERS MENU is accessed as item 3 on the CLIENT/TRUST UTILITES MENU. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the CLIENT/TRUST UTILITES MENU, press <ESC>.


The files available on this file are defined in the Australian Taxation Office’s publication, MAGNETIC MEDIA SPECIFICATION FOR PC SYSTEMS. This definition changes from time to time.


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