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USAGE: To take-back monies from Trust to Client. This option allows you to pick which files you wish to process. It is a more convenient option when you intend to Take-Back to a small number of files, eg after a property sale. The update creates a transaction report and can print Cheques and Receipts as required.


DISCUSSION: When you start the MANUAL TAKE-BACK program, you are initially requested to confirm that you have made a backup of your data. This is important because the program will affect a series of files when it updates and if there is a problem, you need to be able to resurrect the data to a sensible state. Without a backup, this is not easily achieved. A copy to hard-disk is sufficient.


Next you will be asked to enter a file code. If you do not remember the code, you may press <F9> to initiate a search. Once you have chosen a file, the screen will display the file with all relevant information. Typically the screen will appear as follows:



The screen will display the Name, Address and Matter Re. Also the current Disbursement, Client and Trust balances are displayed on the left of the screen. In the body of the screen, the Client balance is displayed and the computer displays the Suggested Take-Back value. This value is computed in the same way as the TAKE-BACK REPORT. You may then do one of several things: You may accept the suggested value buy pressing <F10> or <Enter>. You may enter a new value (up to the Trust balance). You may skip the whole file by pressing <F1> or entering an actual value of zero. If you have changed the value and wish to re-apply the suggested value, press <F7>.


After you have updated the record, you will be asked for another file code and the process will continue until you press <ESC>. You will then be offered the option to cancel the whole Take-Back or update the files you have processed.


Next you are required to enter the following screen:



The fields to enter are:


TRUST BANK ACCOUNT   Here you enter the Trust Bank account from which the Trust Cheque will be made. If you cannot remember the account number, press <F9> to initiate a search.


GENERAL BANK ACCOUNT          Here you enter the General Bank account to which the General Receipts will be made. If you cannot remember the account number, press <F9> to initiate a search.


TC - DESC & REF           Here you are required to enter the description of the Trust Cheque. Also you can enter the Cheque number.


GR - DESC & REF           Here you are required to enter the description of General Receipt. Also you may enter the first receipt number.


When you have entered this information you will be asked to confirm your entries. If you press <ESC>, the entire run will be cancelled. If you choose to continue, T.L.A. will update the relevant files and print the relevant cheque and receipts. After this, you will be given the opportunity to allocate the Receipts.


Files updated by the Take-Back program:


Client master-file:      Each file will be updated with the amount chosen. The Trust balance will be reduced and a General Receipt will be created.


Client transaction-file:           Each file updated will have two transactions created.


General Ledger master-file: The two relevant bank accounts will be updated and the Client Ledger will be reduced.


General Ledge transaction-file:       For each account updated, a transaction will be created.


Audit trail:           Each transaction will create an entry in the Audit file. The entire update will share the same audit number so that the transactions can be linked later if a payment needs to be traced.


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