Total Legal Accounting 3




USAGE: To print a list of amounts available for Take-Back. This report may then be used as a source document for either MANUAL or AUTOMATIC TAKE-BACK.


DISCUSSION: There are no parameters for this report. The only question is to confirm that you wish to run the report. T.L.A. will scan the Client/Trust master-file and list any files from which monies can be recovered. The report will list any file that has a Trust balance and a Client or Disbursement balance.


The report itself will detail the File number, the Solicitor code, the Client’s Name, the Disbursement balance, the Client balance and the Trust balance. The report will also compute the cleared funds (based on the date of the report) and on that basis compute a suggested take-back. The suggested take-back is equal to the value of the Client balance or the cleared Trust balance, which ever is the lesser. At the end of the report, the total of each column is printed.

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