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The best defence against a life of paperwork

Total Legal Accounting (T.L.A.) is a comprehensive, fully integrated Australian based and supported software package designed to solve the accounting and management needs of today's legal firms. T.L.A. has been developed after years of extensive research into the office and record keeping requirements of solicitors and legal office staff. T.L.A. meets the requirements of all law societies, government bodies and legislation.

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In a dynamic approach to legal accounting, T.L.A. offers you an affordable solution that sets the standard for easy to use law practice accounting software.


T.L.A.'s comprehensive built in security password system allows total control over your staff's access to all functions, thereby ensuring sensitive information is restricted to precisely the extent you regard as necessary.


T.L.A. produces reports which can contain the following important details:
- Codes for Solicitors or fee earners
- Codes for responsible Partners
- File Numbers
- Client Names
- Matter Types
Transaction details can be listed to the screen and printed. These include cheques, transfers and receipts for trust and general accounts as well as file bills and disbursements. Items can be listed for the entire office or by an individual solicitor, and by a single category (eg. probate only), or all business combined. Clear audit trails are printed as often as required detailing all transactions posted for easy recognition. T.L.A. provides up-to-date financial management reports. These reports can be printed at any time of the day, as required. T.L.A. automatically tallies all information required for bank deposit slips as receipts are entered, and can be printed at any time.


In understanding that each practice has its own individual system requirements, T.L.A. has been developed with many options allowing the flexibility to select the features best suited to your practice. T.L.A. can also be customised for special applications.


T.L.A. maintains a list of TFN's which can be linked, as required to any ledger's file. This information is used in the mortgage and securities reports. It can also be used to link individual files. T.L.A.'s password system allows control over which users may view the TFN information.


T.L.A. includes an extensive and flexible Time Costing System. This allows each fee-earner the ability to enter and maintain their time and charging rates. This information may then be viewed and reports can be produced to file bills at any time.


Cheques can be generated easily with the option to specify any number of clearance days. T.L.A. will warn the user of any cheques drawn against un-cleared funds. A list of cheques and receipts issued can be produced as required. This information can form monthly balance sheet data.


T.L.A. can link a client file to a mortgage register (containing all mortgage and contributor details) and/or securities and investments register which allows for income and expense transactions. Registers can be printed in full, or in part, as required.


Office cash flow records can be maintained easily using T.L.A. All expenditure and income can be recorded and reports printed, as required.


Trust funds can be transferred from one file to another. Before allowing the journal to proceed, T.L.A. will check for cleared funds and will not allow either account to shift into a debit balance.


Transfers can be recommended by T.L.A. in a report format which shows outstanding debits and suggests transfer amounts. The system will not allow Trust Account overdrawing. After such transactions occur, T.L.A. automatically updates both trust and office ledger records and prints trust cheques and general receipts.


T.L.A. can print aged listings of trust and client balances which are outstanding for over 30, 60 or 90 days. These can be selected by file number, client name, overdue account to a particular solicitor, or by other categories. On-screen or printout information can be requested using the inquiry facility to obtain reports showing any detail or combination of details which have been selected.


T.L.A. maintains a list of Creditors with your purchases and balances. All transactions are kept for two years for comparison. Allocation of payments is fully open-item with full cross-linking of information available at the touch of a button. A complete break down of totals is maintained by Group. Reports include Creditor Aged Analysis and Remittance Advices.


The final resting place for all your accounting information is the General Ledger. All other modules post to this sub-system. All postings are made in real-time, ie the General Ledger is updated at the same time as Clients, Creditors, etc. This means that you constantly have an up to date view of your company's status. The General Ledger can be used to produce Profit/Loss Statements and Balance Sheets. It is also the starting point for producing Cash Flow Statements.


Each deposit (either through Client/Trust or General Ledger) is automatically posted to the bank. A Deposit Slip may be printed at any time. Bank account reconciliation is also available.


Cheques may be printed from Client, Trust, Creditors or General Ledger as required. There are multiple formats available, in both single and continuous formats.


T.L.A. has an internal mail system which is operating system independant. Mail can be sent from any user to any user. The advantage of this system over other mail systems is that messages can be time and date stamped. This means that you can specify that a message will remain dormant until a certain time and date. This is particularly useful for reminders, which you can even send to yourself. Standing Journals (originating from Client/Trust, Creditors or General Ledger) can also be triggered to generate mail.


One of the problems in a large office is that everyone has their own telephone diary. If one of your suppliers changes their phone number, the information might take many weeks to filter through to each person who needs the information. This causes each person to have to go through the inefficient procedure of tracking down the new number. A more efficient way of dealing with the problem is to store the information in the special function available in T.L.A. This function is available from any screen at the press of a button. Now your secretary can update the phone numbers once and everyone has the information, instantly.


Every screen in T.L.A. links to a page of help explaining the usage of that page. New users will find this much easier that searching manuals.


At the touch of a button T.L.A. will pop-up a calculator. This saves you desk space. In addition, there are many entry routines in T.L.A. that directly accept the result of the calculation, eg. invoice pricing.


T.L.A. is specifically designed to allow functions to call each other. How many times have you been in the middle of an invoice and you realised that you needed some other information, eg. Client history? With T.L.A. you can simply return to menu and start another function without cancelling the current one. When you complete the second function, you are returned to the first at exactly the point you left. This function can shell programs several layers deep, eg you can shell from Billing to Enquiries to Purchasing.


Our clients include firms which have been relying on our expertise for more than 25 years. During this time T.L.A. has been their accounting system of choice. We continue to maintain, enhance and support T.L.A. T.L.A. continues to track the changing requirements of legal bodies and computer technology.

Download latest update of version 4.00. (19/11/2012) (Requires a password and contains the runtime only)

The full manual is available in html format. A copy is also available on request to registered users.

If you have not been updated to Version 4, you can download latest update of V3.02 (30/11/2007) (Requires a password and contains the runtime only)

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Alternatively, you may send your queries to PO Box 2276 Caulfield Junction, Victoria Australia, 3161
or phone us directly on +61 3 9532 9219.

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