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Pipeline Icon Pipeline - specialising in Head Office accounting for the Petroleum Industry is now available.

Pipeline is a fully integrated, multi user, financial package specifically slanted to Head Office accounting for the Petroleum Industry. Pipeline can be run on many operating systems including Windows9x, NT, XP and Unix. This offers you the flexibility to choose the best platform for your needs. Pipeline has been structured for ease of use and speed of operation. Data entry and reporting functions are extensive in all areas. Pipeline is a specific installation of HiFinance.

Pipeline allows fast entry of daysheet information, by individual sites, via telnet or serial dial-up access. The information is collated and all files are updated upon receipt of pricing data. No useful financial data is available to individual sites as this is carefully hidden and only available to head-office users. Head-office users have the luxury of complete breakdown of information by site, product or expense category either by day, week or month. Full General Ledger reporting is available as all data is passed through to the General Ledger automatically for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet listing. Again, these can be broken down by site or company.

Pipeline is completely Year 2000 & GST compliant.


In a dynamic approach to accounting, Pipeline offers you an affordable solution that sets the standard for easy to use accounting software. Pipeline is built to be learnt quickly by both managers and data operators. Menu structures are repeated throughout the system. This means that once one portion of Pipeline is mastered, the whole system is obvious.


Pipeline's comprehensive built in security password system allows total control over your staff's access to all functions, thereby ensuring sensitive information is restricted to precisely the extent you regard as necessary. Data can also be excluded from screens for certain users to further increase security. Every transaction is time and date stamped. Also the login name of the person initiating the transaction is stored. This simplifies later quires.


Pipeline produces reports in all function, which can be printed displayed or stored to disk. Transaction details can also be listed to the screen, printed or stored for later printing. Transactions are automatically linked within the system so you can start with part of transaction and find out what else happened at the same time. All files can be exported in a format suitable for wordprocessing and spreadsheeting.


Because we understand that each company has its own individual system requirements, Pipeline has been developed with many options allowing the flexibility to select the features best suited to your company. Pipeline can also be customised for special applications.


Because modern companies require fast update times and quick reporting, Pipeline has been designed to update all files on the fly without having to go through a lengthy End-of-Day procedure. For instance, an Invoice will automatically update the Debtor, Inventory and General Ledger, so you may instantly report on the current status of your business at any time of the day. Furthermore, the calendar structure precludes the need to run End-of-Month updates. Transactions are automatically allocated to the correct period allowing you to keep processing while statements and other End-of-Month reports are run.


Due to the design of Pipeline, inexpensive Telnet server software can be used to allow user access across networks, by modem access or, if required, by internet access. This is a cost-effective method of allowing multiple location access by your staff, branches or customers. Security can be easily added to restrict access to authorised users.


Pipeline maintains a list of Sites names, operators and pump layouts. All transactions are kept for two years for comparison although daysheet and pricing information can be maintained indefinitely. Allocation of receipts is fully open-item with full cross-linking of information available at the touch of a button.


Pipeline maintains a list of Debtors with their sales and balances. The Sites and Agents are considered Debtors and are treated as such for accounting purposes. In this way, all banking totals are maintained site by site and any over or under-payments are easily identified. All transactions are kept for two years for comparison. Allocation of receipts is fully open-item with full cross-linking of information available at the touch of a button. A complete break down of totals is maintained by Group. Reports include Debtor Aged Analysis and Statements.


Extensive flexibility is included in the Invoicing module. The invoices are kept on file and can be reported on or reprinted later. Several Invoice layouts are available to suit most standard stationery as well as formats for plain paper, faxing and emailing, or we can customise to your requirements. Invoicing can be to stock or directly to expense items in the General Ledger, or a combination.


Pipeline maintains a list of Creditors with your purchases and balances. All transactions are kept for two years for comparison. Allocation of payments is fully open-item with full cross-linking of information available at the touch of a button. A complete break down of totals is maintained by Group. Reports include Creditor Aged Analysis and Remittance Advices.


Orders placed on your suppliers can be maintained by the system and the converted to purchases when the goods arrive.


Pipeline maintains a list of Product items with their on-hand balances in units and value in total and broken down by Site. Also, sales in units and value and cost-of-sales are maintained for every sale. Facilities exist to add and revalue stock at any time. All transactions are kept for two years for comparison. Information available at the touch of a button.


If your sites need to be maintained in different company structures, Pipeline will allow you to setup up to 99 companies. The General Ledger maintains loan accounts, automatically allocating amounts if a payment has to be made for one company out of another company's cheque account.


The final resting place for all your accounting information is the General Ledger. All other modules post to this sub-system. All postings are made in real-time, ie the General Ledger is updated at the same time as Debtors, Creditors, etc. This means that you constantly have an up to date view of your company's status. The General Ledger can be used to produce Profit/Loss Statements and Balance Sheets. It is also the starting point for producing Cash Flow Statements.


Each deposit (either through Debtors, Sites or General Ledger) is automatically posted to the bank. A Deposit Slip may be printed at any time. Alternatively, facilities exist to interface your bank's statement with Pipeline's files. This automatically assigns deposits to the appropriate site and allocates the amounts to day-sheets. Bank account reconciliation is also available. Multi-banking is the normal procedure with loan accounts updated, where necessary.


Cheques may be printed from Creditors or General Ledger as required. There are multiple formats available, in both single and continuous formats.


Pipeline has an internal mail system which is operating system independent. Mail can be sent from any user to any user. The advantage of this system over other mail systems is that messages can be time and date stamped. This means that you can specify that a message will remain dormant until a certain time and date. This is particularly useful for reminders, which you can even send to yourself. Standing Journals (originating from Debtors, Creditors or General Ledger) can also be triggered to generate mail.


One of the problems in a large office is that everyone has their own telephone diary. If one of your suppliers changes their phone number, the information might take many weeks to filter through to each person who needs the information. This causes each person to have to go through the inefficient procedure of tracking down the new number. A more efficient way of dealing with the problem is to store the information in the special function available in Pipeline. This function is available from any screen at the press of a button. Now your secretary can update the phone numbers once and everyone has the information, instantly.


Every screen in Pipeline links to a page of help explaining the usage of that page. New users will find this much easier that searching manuals.


At the touch of a button Pipeline will pop-up a calculator. This saves you desk space. In addition, there are many entry routines in Pipeline that directly accept the result of the calculation, eg. invoice pricing.


Pipeline is specifically designed to allow functions to call each other. How many times have you been in the middle of an invoice and you realised that you needed some other information, eg. Debtor history? With Pipeline you can simply return to menu and start another function without cancelling the current one. When you complete the second function, you are returned to the first at exactly the point you left. This function can shell programs several layers deep, eg you can shell from Invoicing to Stock Enquiries to Purchasing.


Our clients include firms that have been relying on our expertise for more than 20 years. During this time Pipeline has been their accounting system of choice. We continue to maintain, enhance and support Pipeline. Pipeline. continues to track the changing requirements of accounting practices and computer technology.

The full version 3 manual is available in html format. A copy is also available on request to registered users.

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