HiFinance 5




USAGE: This program will only be accessible if you have the option to email errors to persons in your organization. These errors are trapped in programs that for instance modify critical fields, run imports automatically, etc. Here you setup the a table of email addresses that correspond to the various error types.


DISCUSSION: When you start the program, the screen appears as follows:



You may enter an email address against any of the error types you wish to follow.


There are 2 pages in this table. To move to the second page, either press <F10> or <PgDn>. From the second page, you can press <F10> to update the table. Also, you can press <F5>, on either page, to enter the Header fields on the bottom of the screen. The screen will appear as follows:



The fields available are:


ERROR PROGRAM NAME†† This information will be supplied by Horizon, or its dealer. It is the name of the email program. Eg HifinanceCheck.jar


RUN FROM DRIVE & DIRECTORY†††††† These two fields define the actual place the program resides. They are both compulsory.


DATA DIRECTORY This is the directory you expect HiFinance to place the email information file. The directory must exist. Remember to enter the final \ in the path name. HiFinance will not delete any files from this directory. This allows you to go back over old errors. It is the userís responsibility to clear this directory, if it becomes too big.


To return to the UTILITIES TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.

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