HiFinance 5




USAGE: To setup new sites for the United Cards sub-subsystem.


DISCUSSION: When you add a new Site, it is necessary to add the Creditor, Location and Salesman records. As it is easy to make a mistake with this procedure, a program was setup to automate the function. You only need to enter the Site code and a few extra lines, and HiFinance will apply this where necessary.


When you start the program, the computer will initially ask for a Site code. This must be a exactly three characters long. No spaces are allowed. The screen appears as follows:



Enter the code and press <Enter>. HiFinance will check that this code has not already been used. If not, the screen will appear as follows:



Here you must enter the basic information about the Site. The fields are as follows:


SITE NAME       This is the name of the Site as it will appear in the Creditor’s master-file. The name is also carried through to the Salesman and Location.


ADDRESS         Here you enter the address and postcode, as you would for creating a new Creditor.


MERCHANT FEE% This field translates to the Discount field on the Creditor.


When you have entered all the fields, HiFinance will create the relevant records and return you to the Code entry screen.


To return to the SITES MENU, press <ESC>.

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