HiFinance 5




USAGE: To setup link information for special Creditor to Debtor Link programs. This open will only appear, for sites that use the option. This link programs are designed to send Creditor Purchase information out to a link file that can then be read into another set of data, as a Purchase Order. The programs assume that both data sets are on the same physical machine. The function is designed to make it easy for a subsidiary company to purchase from head-office without having to re-enter the data.


DISCUSSION: When you start the program, the screen appears as follows:



Here you must enter a Y or N. If you are on the data set that pertains to the subsidiary company, ie the one that will be making Purchase Orders, enter Y. For the head office company, enter N.


If you have entered Y, the screen will look as follows:



Here you enter the Creditor code of the Head office account. Each time a new Purchase Order is entered on this Creditor, the export file will be created or appended to. No other Creditor will be affected. You must also enter the full path name you intend to use as the link directory for this process. You should enter the path name, including all \ís, eg h:\hf5data\transfer\ . The directory you choose must exist. HiFinance will not create it.


If you enter N to the original question, the screen will display as follows:



In a similar fashion, as described above, you now have to enter the Debtor code of the Debtor that will represent the subsidiary company. This is the Debtor that will be used for creating Sales orders. You also need to enter the data-path. The rules for this are the same as above.


When the export runs, it will create a file called transfer.22o, in the directory you have chosen. When the import program runs, it will rename this file to transfer.yyyymmddhhmmssff, where the suffix is now the full date and time the program was run. HiFinance will not delete any file. This allows problem files to be modified and re-imported. Eventually, the directory will be full of transfer files. It is the userís responsibility to cull the directory from time to time.


When you have finished, press <F10> to save the changes.


To return to the UTILITIES TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.

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