HiFinance 4




USAGE: Delete a Carrier from the Gas Carrier master-file. This option is only relevant for site using the Fuels option.


DISCUSSION: Care should be taken when deleting a Carrier as no checks are made as whether this is a good idea, on your part.


When you start the delete program, the computer will initially ask for a Carrier code. This is the Creditor code. Insert the code and press <Enter>. If you cannot remember the code, press <F9> to initiate a search. For further details on alphabetic searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having chosen a Carrier, you will be asked to confirm your decision. If you proceed, the Carrier and all its information, on the table, will be deleted. The Creditor itself (and any balances and history) will not be deleted.


To return to the GAS DELIVERY TABLE MENU, press <ESC>.

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