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This function is only relevant if you are using Fuels option. This menu leads to special programs used to import and manipulate Gas Deliveries. These are milk run deliveries and so have special pricing and import structures.


The GAS DELIVERY TABLE MENU is accessed as item 3 from the INVENTORY TABLES MENU. On selecting this function, the following will be displayed:



To return to the INVENTORY TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.


The Gas Deliveries Module uses 2 files. The first is a list of Carriers. These must firstly be defined as a Creditor. Once a Carrier is defined, you can attach any number of Debtors to this Carrier. Each Debtor may be allocated a different price and other details (see below). Normally, these prices are set on a monthly basis.


Fields available on the GAS DELIVERY file.


Name Comments


STN CODE This is the Debtor code (of the Customer or Service Station) as it appears in HiFinance. This can be a sub-Debtor and the billing process will automatically pick up the price from the sub-account and post the invoice to the main account (as per normal invoicing). In this way, you can setup multiple pricing structures for a Customer if the Customer can be supplied from various Depots. This is necessary because even though the Customer might get the same net price, the breakdown between Freight and Cost might be different.


THEIR CODE This is the code used by the Trucking Company or Supplier. It is the code that will identify the Customer on the input file. It is not often the same as your Debtor code. This field is case sensitive. NOTE that the Woolworths suffixes are as follows:

Altona "A"


Elgas "E"

Shell "S"

Otway "O"

Bonython "B".


SUPPLIER CODE This is the Creditor code of the supplier of the fuel. The purchase will be posted to this Creditor.


CARTAGE This is the price per litre charged to you for delivery by the Carrier for this Customer.


BUY OLD This is the old buy price. It is the price before the EFFECTICE ON date See below.


BUY NEW This is the new buy price. It is the price after the EFFECTICE ON date (inclusive). See below.


SELL OLD This is the old sell price. It is the price before the EFFECTICE ON date See below.


SELL NEW This is the new sell price. It is the price after the EFFECTICE ON date (inclusive). See below.


EFFECTIVE ON This is the cut-over date from old to new prices. Up to (but not including) this date, invoices and purchases will be computed based on the OLD BUY and SELL prices. On this date, the NEW prices will take effect. This allows you to pre-enter the NEW prices and have them automatically take effect. It also means that you can process deliveries around this date and HiFinance will automatically pickup the correct prices.

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