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This option will only appear if you are running the Cards option.


When card status is exported to Q/Fuels, it is set as a number from 0 to 99. Zero always means that the card is OK to use. The other values mean that the card is not OK to use and the reason is contained in the ERROR REASONS TABLE. Note that the actual error code is generated by the export program. The purpose of this table is to set the human readable version of the error message. If you add a value here, it will not do anything unless the error is added into the export program. However, if the error message turns out to be confusing, it can be modified here.


The ERROR REASONS MENU is accessed as item 9 from the ERROR REASONS MENU. On selecting this function, the following will be displayed:



To return to the ERROR REASONS MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the TAXIS file.


Name                  Comments


CODE       This is the Block code. It a number between 0 and 99. 0 always means that the card is OK to use. Any other number means that the card is stopped. No gaps may appear in the table. Ie if there is a Block code 3, there must be a Block code 1 and 2.


DESCRIPTION This is the description code. It is up to 30 characters long. This description will be displayed on the POS console if the card is blocked.

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