HiFinance 5




This option will only appear if you are running the Cards option.


Every Debtor may have a Class attached to them. This is usually used for insurance purposes, so that the balances can be segregated by Class/Insurance type, etc.


The CLASSES MENU is accessed as item 6 from the DEBTOR TABLE MAINTENANCE MENU. On selecting this function, the following will be displayed:



To return to the DEBTOR TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the CLASSES file.


Name                  Comments


CLASS      This is the Class's code. This is the code by which the Group will be referenced throughout HiFinance. It is up to 15 characters long. The code may be any alphanumeric sequence (without embedded spaces).- and \ are an acceptable characters but . and / are not. To make the codes easier to remember, it is usually an abbreviation of the Class's name, eg. QBE, etc. Alternatively, it might be a number starting from 1. When using an all numeric codes take care to make all the codes the same length or they will not sort as expected. (See APPENDIX A.)


DESCRIPTION The full name of the Class, eg. QBE INSURANCE. It may be up to 50 characters long. This field must not be left blank.

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