HiFinance 5




USAGE: To create an ASCII file suitable for import to the production programs.


DISCUSSION: This program scans for all Orders in a Batch and dissects them for stock codes and components. It there is also provision to dissect components into their sub-components, ie the Bill-of-Materials is run to two levels.


When you choose this report, the screen will appear as follows:



The fields available are:


WHICH BATCH NUMBER Choose a Batch number to process. You must already know which Batch you are working on, before you enter the program.


LIMIT EXPORT TO UNCOMPLETED LINES ON UNCOMPLETED ORDERS You can choose to limit the export to just orders that have not been completed.


When you have chosen the above options, HiFinance will scan through the orders file, sort the information and export it to a file called batch.csv, in your data directory. When finished, the program will return you to the MAIN MENU.

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