HiFinance 5




USAGE: To print a list of Debtors with their outstanding balance and a breakdown of those balances by period. This is the format of the DEBTOR AGED TRIAL BALANCE most companies use because their accounts are normally period based.


DISCUSSION: This report always prints the full table. Because there is too much information to fit on one line, the information is split over several lines. How many Inventory codes can be shown across a line depends on whether you print the short of long format.


When you choose this report, HiFinance will ask the following questions will appear:


USE LONG FORMAT REPORT     If you are using wide stationery, reply Y, otherwise reply N. This question will only be displayed if the relevant option is set to A, see SECTION 7.1.2.


The report itself will detail for each Debtor code, a row of Inventory codes and their corresponding discounts.

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