HiFinance 5




USAGE: To enter transactions from the bank statement.


DISCUSSION: When you enter this program, the following screen is displayed:




Enter the cheque number of the transaction you wish to remove from the reconciliation file. This number is normally directly from your bank statement. The computer will search for that number and, if found, it will display the details of the transaction. The screen will appear as follows:



You have 3 choices:


<F9>                  If there are several transactions with the same cheque number, eg. 999999, you can use this option to scan through the file for the correct one.


<F10>                This accepts the reconciliation entry and permanently deletes the displayed transaction from the reconciliation file.


<ESC>                If you do not wish to match this transaction and do not wish to search, pressing <ESC> will return you to the cheque number entry screen.


To finish entering reconciliations, press <ESC>.

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