HiFinance 5




USAGE: This report is similar to the LIST OF COMPONENTS (see SECTION 5.4.1), however, it uses the Production Schedule Calendar to predict requirements by Components.


DISCUSSION: The report is always printed in Inventory code order.


When you enter this program, the following questions will appear:


USE LONG FORMAT REPORT†††† If you are using wide stationery, reply Y, otherwise reply N. This question will only be displayed if the relevant option is set to A, see SECTION 7.1.2.


PRINT SUB-TOTALS ONLY†† If you answer Y here, only the sub-totals will be printed, otherwise each date will be shown in detail.


INCLUDE ALL PRODUCTION LINES If you answer Y here, all production components will be included in the report, and no further options will be displayed. If you answer N, you will be asked the following questions:


COMPONENT CODE RANGE††††††††† This is the Component code.


COMPONENT GROUP RANGE††††††† This is the Component group.


ASSEMBLY CODE RANGE This is the Assembly code.


PRODUCTION DATE RANGE††††††† This is the Production date.


To start the report, press <Enter> through each field or simply press <F10>.


The report itself will detail the Componentís Inventory code and Description. Then each Assembly that Component exists in is listed. For each Assembly the Inventory Code and Description is printed along with the Current Stock-on-hand, required quantity, any surplus or under-stock and the Priority that this line has been allocated.

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