HiFinance 5




USAGE: To add a new Assembly to the Bill-of-Materials master-file.


DISCUSSION: When you start this function, the computer will initially ask for an Inventory code. This becomes the name of the Assembly. Insert a code and press <Enter>.




Once HiFinance has accepted the code you will be presented with a blank Assembly sheet. The screen will appear as follows:



Initially the only options are <F1> and <F7>. <F7> is discussed below. <F1> allows you to add a component. Press <F1> and the screen will appear as follows:



Here you enter the Inventory code of the first Component for this Assembly. To search for an Inventory code, press <F9>. Having entered the code, you must also enter the number of units. Press <F10> to update and the screen will appear as follows:



This Assembly now contains one component. The number of function key options has also increased. Now you have the following choices:


<F1>                  Allows you to add another component.


<F2>                  Allows you to amend/change the highlighted component line.


<F7>                  Allows duplication of existing Assemblies. This option is only available when the current Assembly is devoid of components. For details, see below.


<F4>       This allows you to view/amend/enter a note. This note is printed on certain picking slip formats. To remove a note, display it, blank all characters and then save it.


<F3>                  Allows you to delete the highlighted component line.


<F10>                This will end the input phase and return you to the Assembly code entry screen, where you can either enter a new Assembly or press <ESC> to return to the BILL-OF-MATERIALS MAINTENANCE MENU.


                            When you choose to update, you will also be asked UPDATE LAST-PURCHASE-PRICE FOR <part_number>. If you reply Y, HiFinance will scan the Components and add up their contribution to the value of the Assembly. The total will then be posted to the Last-purchase-price, so that invoicing and reports will have the correct COS value.


Apart from the function keys, you can move through the components in the same way as you search for a Debtor code, see SECTION 1.2.


If you have still not entered any components on an Assembly, <F7> is available to allow you to duplicate the components of an existing Assembly to the current one. This is useful if you are entering a group of similar Assemblies. When you press <F7> the screen appears as follows:



Enter the Inventory code of the existing assembly or press <F9> to initiate a search. HiFinance will check that you are not trying to copy an assembly to itself and that you are not trying to copy an empty assembly. You will then be asked to confirm your entry and the copy will proceed. The screen will the return to the add screen (see above) where you can add, modify or delete components in the normal way.

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