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This menu is only relevant for sites using Foreign Currency conversion in purchasing. Here you can setup conversion rates between Australian dollars and as many currencies as you use.


The FOREIGN CURRENCY MAINTENANCE MENU is accessed from the INVENTORY UTILITIES MENU. The exact position depends on what other special function you may have enabled. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the INVENTORY UTILITIES MENU, press <ESC>.



Fields available on the FOREIGN CURRENCY file.


Name                  Comments


FOREIGN CURRENCY CODE   This is the code you wish to access the currency by. It is an abbreviation of the name of the code, eg USD for U.S. Dollar or EUR for Euro.


DESCRIPTION A short description of the currency, or its actual name. It may be up to 50 characters long. This field must not be left blank.


SYMBOL             This is a 3 character code and can be basically anything that the keyboard will allow you to enter. This symbol is printed on Purchase Orders, so it is also important that the character can be printed, correctly, on your printer. Some experimentation may be necessary.


CONVERSION RATE FROM $A   This is the conversion rate from $A to the Foreign Currency. It is the default rate and can be overwritten during processing.

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