HiFinance 5




USAGE: To maintain the table of Freight zones for Government Fuel Rebates.


DISCUSSION: When you sell Fuel, HiFinance uses this table to compute any Government Fuel Rebates. Every state can be set with as many fuel types as there are. Here you enter the rebate value and the General Ledger code, which will be used to post the rebate value.


When you start the program, the screen will appear as follows:



Enter a state code. These basically follow the Australian postcodes. Eg. 2=NSW, 3=Victoria, etc.


When you enter a code, press <Enter> and the screen will look like this:



Here, the NSW zones have been entered. You will notice that there are 5 zones and the sixth one is labelled NON-ZONED. You may call these whatever you like, as long as they fit in 10 characters.


Use the cursor keys to move up and down within the 9 available zones. HiFinance will display any fuel rebates associated with the zone. As an example here is ZONE 2 and its associated information:



To add or change any information, press <F5>. The screen will insert a pointer to tell you which rate you are modifying and then will allow you to change the rates associated with the various fuels:



When you have entered all the rates, you may press <F10> to go back. Finally, you can save the information but pressing <F10> again. If you press <ESC> at any time, your current changes will be ignored.


Note that:


A)                You must enter at least one zone for each state, even if it reads NON-ZONED.

B)                You should not leave a blank zone in the middle of the list, although not all 9 zones have to be filled in.

C)                You cannot press <F5> to update the REBATE/CHARGE unless the zone has a name.

D)                If you enter a REBATE/CHARGE you must also enter a GL-CODE.

E)                REBATES are NEGATIVE numbers. This will reduce the price to the customer. If there is a sur-charge, enter it as a POSITIVE number.

F)                 The GL-CODE must refer to an actual General Ledger account.

G)                If you wish to clear the name of a zone, you must first clear all REBATE/CHARGE and GL-CODE fields for that zone, for all fuel types.

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