HiFinance 5




USAGE: Modify the details of an existing Job. This option is only used for changing the static information such as the Site Address. However, it is not possible to change the Job Number.


DISCUSSION: When you start the MODIFY program, the computer will initially ask for a Job code. Insert the code and press <Enter>.


To return to the SERVICE/WARRANTY/JOB MENU, press <ESC>.


To search for an account, press <F9>. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having entered a valid code, the computer will display the current information pertaining to that account. You can modify any of the fields that are surrounded by brackets. Also, you have the following options available via the function keys:


<F1>                  Initiates a search for Debtor Codes. However, you cannot change the Debtor code once an invoice has been struck and this option will not be display once there is a Invoice number displayed.


<F2>                  Initiates a search for Service Codes.


<F3>                  Initiates a search for Error Codes.


<F4>                  Initiates a search for Serial Numbers. Each Serial Number you choose will append itself to the end of the list, which will automatically remove blank fields and sort alphabetically, when you update the screen.


<F7>                  This will clear the Site Information area. This is sometimes useful if you wish to restart the entry.


<F10> or <PgDn>  This will move you to the next screen, after testing the current screen for any errors or inconsistencies. On the last page, you will be asked to confirm your desire to update the Job record.


<F8> or <PgUp>    This will move you to the previous screen, after testing the current screen for any errors or inconsistencies.


<F10>      will complete your entry, after checking for any inconsistencies and confirming your request. Your changes will be saved to disk, over-writing any previously stored information.


<ESC>      will return you to the Job code entry routine without updating the Job master-file.

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