HiFinance 5




USAGE: To add move or copy one price code to another price code for all or a range of Inventory items. For example, this option can be used when wish to make price 4 now price 5, or when you wish to make price 5, say, 10% higher than price 4. In the second case you would copy price 4 to price 5 and then use the ADD PERCENTAGE option to raise price 5 by 10%.


DISCUSSION: When you start the program you will initially be asked the following questions:


MOVE FROM PRICE CODE          This is the price code (1 to 8) you wish to copy the prices from. If you enter 9, HiFinance will use the Last-purchase-price. This is useful if your pricing structure is cost plus based. Once you have moved the Last-purchase-price to one of the normal prices (eg price 1), you can then use one of the other PRICE CHANGE options to increase the price.


TO PRICE CODE This is the price code (1 to 8) you wish to copy the prices to. The TO PRICE CODE must not be the same as the FROM PRICE CODE.


UNCONDITIIONALLY OVERWRITE       This option allows you to choose if you wish to completely overwrite the new price structure with the old one. If you answer N here, the price in the TO PRICE CODE will only be overwritten if it is currently zero.


CLEAR FROM PRICE        This gives you the option to either copy or move the old price structure. If you answer N, the old price structure will still be intact when the update is complete. If you answer Y, the FROM PRICE CODE will all be zero when the update is complete. This has no effect if you choose 9 as the FROM PRICE CODE.


INCLUDE ALL INVENTORY CODES     If you wish to have the program update all Inventory items, answer Y. Skip to the START UPDATE PROCESS question.


The following question asks you to enter both a lower and upper limit. The upper limit must not be less than the lower limit. The default answers define the extreme limits of the field. You do not have to change all of these limits. Only change the ones you wish to, and tab past the others.


CODE RANGE   This is the Inventory’s code.


GROUP RANGE This is the Inventory Group.


BARCODE RANGE    This is the primary Barcode.


OTHER KEY RANGE           This may appear as a different literal depending on how you have defined the field in SYSTEM PARAMETERS.


To start the report, press <Enter> through each field or simply press <F10>.


Finally you will be asked, START UPDATE PROCESS. To begin the update, press Y. The computer will then scan the Inventory master-file modifying prices based on the criteria you have entered, above. When complete, you will be returned to the CHANGE PRICES MENU.

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