HiFinance 5




USAGE: To add a new Special Price to the Special Prices master-file.


DISCUSSION: When you start this function, the computer will initially ask for an Inventory code. Insert a code and press <Enter>. To search for an item, press <F9>. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Next you will be asked to enter a Debtor code. Searching for a Debtor code is similar to searching for on Inventory item. If you wish to create a Special Price that links the Inventory item to all Debtors, press <F1> instead of entering a Debtor code.


To return to the SPECIAL PRICES MENU, press <ESC>.


Once HiFinance has accepted the code combination you will be presented with a screen full of all the fields you can enter information into. These fields are fully described in SECTION 3.5.1.


Where required, enter a value into each field that is surrounded by brackets. To move to the next field, press <Enter>. Complete your entry by pressing <F10>. If HiFinance has found no inconsistencies in your entries, you will be asked to confirm and the information will then be saved to disk.


If at any time you wish to abort the entry sequence, press <ESC>. You will be asked to confirm your request. If you abort the entry, all current changes will be cancelled and the account will not have been added to the Special Prices master-file.


Several function keys are available while you enter the Special Prices information:


<F10>                This will end the input phase and cause HiFinance to test the screen ready for update. Pressing <F10> can save you having to press <Enter> all the way to the end of the screen.


<ESC>                This will abort the entry of the Special Price. If you press <ESC>, the new price will not be saved to the Special Prices master-file.

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