HiFinance 5




USAGE: This report is a special program that is used as an aid to deciding on volumes of stock to be transferred from the main storage/distribution warehouse to the off-site storage warehouse (warehouses 1 and 2, respectively). The report prints in 2 parts. The first part looks at how much stock is in warehouse 1 and whether it is beneficial to move the stock from warehouse 2 to cover expected sales. The second part looks at any overstocked items in warehouse 1 and suggests movements to warehouse 2.


DISCUSSION: This report is specific to those sites that are setup to use it.


When you enter this program, the following questions will appear:


ENTER CUT-OFF TRANSACTION DATE         Enter the date you wish to compute the sales information up to. The report always takes the current stock-on-hand and orders totals but it computes the sales for 3 months up to the date you specify here. This allows you to run the report on a Monday, say, but include transactions up to the previous Friday. Generally the report runs on a specific date. The default entry here is today’s date and it probably will not have to be changed.


To start the report, press <Enter> through each field or simply press <F10>.

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