HiFinance 5




USAGE: This program picks up un-reconciled transactions in a range of Creditors and dates. It then allows you enter a reconciliation code and a value. The value is the new value of the transaction. Upon update, the transaction is written back and if the new value is not the same as the existing value, the Creditor balance is updated and a transaction is added to trade creditors cost-of-goods (hard coded to 205) and GST. The original transaction-audit no is maintained.


Transactions will only be picked up if they have no reconciliation number, are purchases and are not-allocated.


This program cannot be used to change or delete a reconciliation value. To do this you will need to go to Creditor Enquiries and clear the transaction of the change.


The program writes out 3 new transactions and with specific values and the same transaction audit number. When the recon is deleted, these should be reversed because there will be no trace left in the creditor or creditor transaction files.


Tax is assumed to be 10% always.


DISCUSSION: This program is only designed for one specific site.


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