HiFinance 5




USAGE: To apply create a batch of Creditors to pay.


DISCUSSION: When you start the CREATE CREDITOR PaYMENTS BATCH program, the computer will initially check if there are any open (un-updated) batches on the system. If there are, a warning will be displayed. It is not an issue if there are multiple batches open, but HiFinance will stop you from placing a transaction on more than one batch. So, if you have a batch open, a new extract will skip any transactions on that batch.


This message comes up because the previous batch file was not deleted. This might not be a problem. For instance, you may have created a batch of payments for the wrong Creditors. If you answer N, you will be returned to the BATCH PAYMENTS MENU. Otherwise, if you answer Y, the old batch file will be deleted and the program will proceed.


Please note: It is possible, in a multi-user system, to open two batches and save information that will clash. Generally, only one person is authorized to create batch payments, so this is usually not an issue. If multiple people are authorized to create batches, it is only safe to do so if they work on different sets of Creditors. If a payment ends up in multiple batches, the first one updated will pay the transaction and the second one will display an error (in LIST and UPDATE) to the effect that the transaction has been changed. It is then necessary to EDIT the un-updated batch and manually remove the transactions that have been duplicated. Alternatively, a corrupted batch can be cancelled and re-created, avoiding the issue altogether.


If you choose to proceed, you will be asked the following questions:


BATCH NAME   Each batch should be given a name eg EOM Jan or The boss must sign these off. This aids when looking back for old batches.


APPLY ANY AVAILABLE DISCOUNT  This question relates to settlement discount. If you have entered a value in the OVERALL DISCOUNT% field of the Creditors, HiFinance will automatically apply this discount if you answer Y.


INCLUDE ALL CREDITOR TRANSACTIONS  If you answer Y here, HiFinance will search through the entire Creditor master-file for possible payments, irrespective of date. You might wish to choose this option and then edit the resulting file manually. If you answer Y, go directly to the CREATE BATCH question.


INCLUDE PARTIALLY PAID TRANSACTIONS         You can choose to have HiFinance ignore any transactions that are partially paid. This will skip transactions that are partially paid because of a dispute.


DUE DATES UP TO           This sets an upper date limit to the transactions payable. The default answer is 31/12/9999, which will include all possible transactions. You might wish to, for instance, limit payment to transactions up to 60 days ago. The date is inclusive.


CREDITOR CODE    Here you may limit the Creditors to a range of Creditor codes.


GROUP                If you wish to limit payments to a specific range of Creditor Groups, enter the range here.


OTHER KEY      If you wish to limit payments to a specific range of Other Keys, enter the range here.


PAYMENT PRIORITY        If you wish to limit payments to a specific range of Payment Priorities, enter the range here.


TRANSACTION AUDIT NUMBER            If you wish to pickup transactions entered after or before a specific period, enter a range here. Otherwise leave the defaults.


PURCHASE VALUE If you are creating a batch for a manager who only has limited authority to sign payments, enter their range here.


RECONCILED   This option will only appear if you are using the fuels option. Here you have the option to include reconciled and/or unreconciled transactions.


COMMUNITY CARDS           This option will only appear if you are using the cards option. Here you have the option to include payments to Community Creditors or specifically exclude them.


If you press <ESC> at any time, you will be returned to the CREDITOR BATCH PAYMENTS MENU.


When you finish entering the above information, you will be asked, OK TO CREATE BATCH? To proceed, answer Y. If you answer N, you will be returned to the CREDITOR BATCH PAYMENTS MENU without any updates being made.


If you have chosen to proceed, HiFinance will scan the Creditor master-file within the criteria you have chosen extracting a list of Purchase and Credit Adjustment that may be paid. No actual update of the Creditor master-file or transaction-files will have been made.


If HiFinance is unable to extract any transactions within the ranges you have chosen, a warning will be displayed and an option to remove the batch header will be offered. The only reason for retaining the header is if you are creating a dummy batch into which you intend to move specific lines from other batches. If you choose to retain the header, the batch will come up in searches until it is cancelled or updated.


The next step is normally to then proceed to EDIT BATCH.

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