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USAGE: To export the FUELTRAC report. Depending on how the customer is setup, this report can export in either CSV or TXT format. Also, it can initiate PDF files identical to those run as part of the EOM Statement routine. These Statements are run so that certain customers can be sent their reports independently of the statement run.


Hint: This program is normally run as part of the End-of-Month Statements. The facility to run the program, from here, is only added as a backup in case the program was not run correctly. Normally, there is no need to run this program from the menu.





If you answer Y here, you will be asked the following:


EXPORT TRANSACTIONS FOR: YEAR [ ] (L)ast, (T)his or (N)next year.  PERIOD [  ]


Enter the required period (month) you require and press <F10> to proceed. After verifying that you have chosen the correct period, the program will start.


Note that in addition to the Fuel usage, the output lists Card Fees, per Card, and any other Journals that have been entered during the month. Also, it must be remembered that the Card Fee per account may not exactly match the Card Fee when broken down by card. This is due to round-off-error, as each line must export an exact number of cents. Similarly, there is provision to export what would be a cpl discount for each transaction, however the EOM discount is computed in bulk, so again, there may be round-off-errors. Your customers should be made aware of this. The differences are normally quite small.


The program will run, scanning each account listed in FUELTRAC TABLE MAINENANCE (See SECTION 1.5.9U.1). For each account, the appropriate files will be created. The output will always go to the FUELTRAC directory.

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