HiFinance 5




USAGE: To site dockets that have been returned.


DISCUSSION: This function will only appear if you have the Delivery Docket option enabled.


When you start the program, HiFinance will ask you for 3 entries:


DATE†††††† This is normally todayís date (unless you are backdating entries). This is the date that the docked was returned.


DRIVER†††† This is the driverís code. It is usually the driverís initials or name. There is no check made here, except that the field cannot be left blank.


INVOICE NUMBER This must be the number of an Invoice, and the Invoice must not have already been sited.


The screen will appear as follows:



When you have entered a Voucher number and value, HiFinance will attempt to match the entry to the Voucher. If found, HiFinance will attach the date and user-code to that Voucher record. You will then be asked for another Voucher number. This will continue until you have finished. To end the sequence, press <ESC>.

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