HiFinance 5




This option will only appear if you have the Card option enabled. This option allows for entry of a date against Vouchers. The Site is not paid until the Voucher has been sighted.


The SIGHTED VOUCHERS MENU is accessed as item 7 on the DEBTOR UTILITIES MENU. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the DEBTOR UTILITIES MENU, press <ESC>.


With the Cards option enabled, your enquiry screen have an extra 2 fields on them and look as follows:



The two extra fields are:


VOUCHER SIGHTED ON This is the date the returned docket was entered into the system.


BY USER-CODE This is the User Code of the person who entered the sighting.


When a Voucher is not sighted, these 2 fields are zero and blank, respectively. This is to make the fact more obvious, when scanning transactions,

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