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This option will only appear if you have the Delivery Docket option enabled. This option allows for entry of a delivery date against invoices. This is normally used for tracking deliveries, to make sure that the customer has signed the delivery copy and that the driver has returned this document.


The RETURNED DELIVERY DOCKETS MENU is accessed as item 7 on the DEBTOR UTILITIES MENU. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the DEBTOR UTILITIES MENU, press <ESC>.


With the Delivery Docket option enabled, your enquiry screen have an extra 2 fields on them and look as follows:



The two extra fields are:


D/DOC SIGHTED ON††††††† This is the date the returned docket was entered into the system.


DRIVER†††††††††††† This is the driverís name.


When a Delivery Docket is not sighted, these 2 fields are zero and blank, respectively. This is to make the fact more obvious, when scanning transactions,

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